At 46 years old, and having received a piano as an unexpected Christmas present, it was with some trepidation that I contacted Sally, asking her how much of a challenge she was willing to take on?! I have never played an instrument, (except the recorder aged nine, so that doesn’t count!), couldn’t read music, and basically had no clue!

I’ve had five lessons with Sally now, and from first meeting her, I felt relaxed in her company. She has infinite patience, answers my many questions, and I’m actually learning to play the Piano…its brilliant! Sally takes things at my pace, makes me feel at ease, and is an excellent teacher. I would recommend Sally to anyone, young, or old like me!

Lisa 46

Starting to learn the piano for me was a daunting task as an adult, having lessons with Sally I now feel as though I can achieve my goal of playing the piano.

Sally has a friendly and positive approach to teaching the piano, she gives me the confidence to progress whilst giving me the guidance on how I can improve each week. Sally breaks down the information so that it is relative to my ability and she explains the information I need in a way that I can understand.

Rosie 29

Sally’s always willing to answer any questions in a way that never makes me feel inferior. After a short period of having lessons with Sally, the most important aspect for me is that I enjoy every one of them. I can see the progress I am making and I have achieved more than I ever thought was possible.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sally to anyone regarding piano lessons.

Debbie 19